Food Science 2019

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Scientific Sessions

Food Engineering and Microbiology
Food Acceptability
Food Conservation and Preparation
Food Machinery and Packaging
Food Processing Technology
Food Safety and Hygiene
Food Science and Technology
Physiological Aspects of Food
Food Composition and Processing
Health claims on Food
Fermentation in Food Processing
Food Toxicology
Food Insecurity
Food Poisoning
Food Addiction and Intolerance
Food Contamination and Deficiencies
Nutrition and Food Sciences
Nutritional Aspects of Food
Nutritional Quality of Novel Foods
Bioavailability of Nutrients
Dietary Selection
Diet and Metabolic Syndrome
Nutrition Deficiency and Treatment
Community Nutrition
Molecular Nutrition
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Nutrition and Cognitive Functions
Nutrition in Developing Countries
Nutrition Therapies
Poor Nutritional Status
Human Nutrition
Healthy Diets
Parenteral Nutrition
Nutrition and Disease Management
Drug and Protein Metabolism
Food Regulations
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